Specials are available Thursday - Saturday 



French Onion Soup



Stuffed Mushroom Caps

sweet and hot Italian sausage with parmesan cheese, peppers & onion in mushroom caps


Snake Bites

jalapenos filled with cream cheese wrapped in bacon


Fried Mushrooms

served with a jalapeno dipping sauce


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Strips & Chunks

fried clam strips & haddock chunks served with fries & coleslaw


Crock & Roll

lobster rolll with light butter & mayo in a toasted bun with crisp lettuce served with a crock of clam chowder


Buffalo Platter

fried chicken tenders, calamari & large shrimp drenched in buffalo sauce served with fries & coleslaw


Healthy Happy Harbour

grilled chicken & shrimp on top of a large garden salad



pasta mixed with a hearty meat sauce of ground veal, pork & beef with a dollop of ricotta


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